Bronx Zoo


We came to the Bronx Zoo, the largest metropolitan zoo in the U.S. I love animals. People often ask a question like "hey, are you a dog-person or a cat-person," but this question does not make sense at all to me. I love ALL the animals. I have been watching all kinds of program about animals on TV since when I was a little kid. I tried to entertain my friends who came to the zoo together with my overflowing trivial facts about animals but I scared them off in ten minutes with my nerdy detailed knowledges. But WHY??


I would love to put nerdy trivial facts on every photo but that is going to be wicked long so I will write it some other time. Each animal has some interesting stories. Maybe I can make the big animal series on this blog and keep putting up the photos and articles.



We saw the tiger which is the animal of the Chinese zodiac on next year. This is a good omen.

There are even more photos on the link below:
Ippei's photos
Yuuki's photos

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