International String Trio @ No.9 Park


Back to the Beantown. I used Bolt Bus, the new coach which has internet connection inside the buses, to come to Boston again. I took the first bus in the morning and that was a mistake. I got caught in the traffic jam in everywhere and it took me six and a half hours to get to Boston. I will take the one goes a few hours later next time.

Today's gig was the background for the party at the high-class restaurant right in front of Boston Common with Slava's Trio. I often think that this kind of high class restaurant is somewhere I can never come if I was not a musician. The restaurant was like a scene from a TV drama or some thing.


They fed us a nice dinner and a dessert. The chocolate cake was really sweet.

International String Trio
Jakub Trasak (Violin)
Slava Tolstoy (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)

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