Session @ Enrique's


(The internet connection was out for whole day again. I won't give up just yet......)


Well, well, I'll jot down what has been happening in my life in the last three months. Actually, this is the day one of the major events of my musician life had happened.

I was walking down to my buddy, Enrique Haneine's house to do a fun session with Kyoko Oyobe and the violinist whom I had never met, Erika Kapin. All of a sudden, I heard very small cracking noise from my bass. I checked out everywhere on my bass at Enrique's place but I could not find anything unusual.


I noticed something unusual while we were doing a session though. The tone and the pitch were different but it was not so weird because these things can change depends on the weather. What was weird was the tension of the strings. It does not change that much.

At this point, I had no idea what kind of horrible thing had been happening on my bass which I was going to find out a few hours later....

Kyoko Oyobe (Piano)

Enrique Haneine (Drums)

Erika Kapin (Violin)

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