Setting Up for the Concert


I got on the coach at 2:30am in Boston and arrived to the Chinatown in New York around 6am. I took the subway in the freezing cold and got home about 7. Then I left for WaFoo's concert at 11. Oh, that was a tough start of the day.


Snowing...... Not again..... Freezing too...


This big church is Holy Child Church on Staten Island where we play at for the first time. They held four masses already on the day before we played and the church was packed each time. I have hardly ever seen the church with this many people. Not mention that that was only Saturday. I have heard that the church is holding six masses on Sunday. That is something I have never heard in my life.


It was a super busy church as you can imagine so we were given so limited time to set up. On the time between 2nd and 3rd mass, we set everything up as quickly as possible, made sure everything works, then put everything aside not to disturb the mass. We could not really do the sound check, and while we were stashing away the equipments, the 3rd mass had already started.

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