Toshi's moving


Three of us in WaFoo, Kazuo, Yuuki and I, are also members of Richmond County Orchestra, and we helped the moving of the principal cellist of the orchestra, Toshi. Well, among us three, especially I am making trouble to him by my novice cello playing, so that was my pleasure to help the big man maybe for the first time ever since I joined the orchestra. He was moving to the top floor of the same building. I was so ready to bring some heavy stuff up and down but actually almost all the moving part was done --- Toshi said that the clarinet player of the orchestra moved everything including all the heavy stuff by himself on the day before. Only thing left to do was to clean up the old apartment. I did my best cleaning job and wish Toshi had called me a few days before to help moving, then I could help the tougher part.



Toshi invited us to a nice dinner and offered us great sushi. We talked about deep topics about Japanese people and the lives of musicians at the dinner. He said that he had never played music for money. That is completely opposite from me and that is something I decided to change this year and am trying to get more musical gigs but not money gigs. The person in that age and with the experience in life and music said that. Of course he is right. Money gigs are what we should not do, and also are what we do not need to do. Toshi had lived happily in the middle of Manhattan, had a family and raised two daughters without those gigs. I have to think about that.


The view from the old apartment was not bad at all, but now he lives on the top floor and we could see much further. All the noises from the New York City down there did not even reach to the new apartment and it was perfectly quiet. That was a weird feeling in the middle of Manhattan.

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