Sorry for not updating the blog

I am so sorry



Hello Ladies & Gents,

Sorry that I have not been renewing the blog for such a long time. I moved to the new apartment on the beginning of this year and the first thing I noticed was the bad internet connection of this apartment building. The router was screwed or not powerful enough to provide 18 rooms, so the router sometimes connects normally and sometimes goes off for half a day. We all in this building had been twisted by this capricious router's little finger --- the router must be Gemini. Then, in the middle of January, the internet connection became really bad and the connection was sometimes cut off for a few days. That is how bad it is now. That is why I could neither renew my blog nor call Japan and Australia because the internet phone was also dead. I really do apologize to everybody whom I reluctantly made worried.

Well, at least I should have put the notice saying that I would not be able to renew my blog for such and such reasons. My relatives in Japan became seriously worried about me so I'll restart the blog again. The router is still screwed but I'll do my best.

I have so many photos I want to put on my blog.

I have only lived in this new apartment for three months and am thinking moving out again. Why? Because I cannot write my blog.

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