Session @ Enrique's

Enrique Haneine (Drums)

The first session at Enrique's in 2009! That was another fun session with Enrique Haneine and Kyoko Oyobe. Today, we did not only play but also talked about mental and spiritual part of music spending half the session time. I started doing meditation again and had not really succeeded because I have too many other thoughts come up in my mind. It was so bad and I almost came to the point that I doubt myself having Adult ADD or something. Kyoko, who is really into the meditation, said that it is perfectly normal and it was almost impossible to meditate without having thoughts unless you are a highly-trained monk or something. Enrique also has been a man of good musical insight ever since I met him, so three of us talk deep stuff on how we should think. It was a great educational session.
Kyoko Oyobe (Piano)



We also talked about Comet-san (Señorita Cometa) which is the old Japanese drama in 70s and the plot is about the princes from a comet who can use magic comes to the earth and work as a housekeeper for an ordinary family. It is a bit like Merry Poppins. I was surprised that Comet-san was so popular in Mexico!
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)

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