WaFoo @ Holy Child Church


After the last mass of the day, we immediately started setting up again. The church was packed because the most of the people from the mass kindly stayed there for our concert. I think we had the most number of audiences for our concerts so far. We had to start the show only after 30 minutes. Our small regret was that we could not do the through sound check but we are pros. We dealt with it by adjusting the volume and tone while we are playing.



Although we had new tunes and were worried about the lack of rehearsals, the audience enjoyed the concert and bought many CDs. The concert was success. I was so relieved when I saw the audience smiling because I had those worries before the show. The music director of church told us to come again. We promise we will came back, and when we come back, we will be seriously souped up.

People who came to the concert, thank you very very much.

Today's equipments of mine. From the top, a shamisen, a silent cello and lots of small percussions. Come to think of it, my equipments really reduced to minimum. I used to use three times as much space as this before.

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