New Year Party 2009


WaFoo put together the new year party and we invited our friends to it. (Well, I guess I, too, was one of the guests who were invited).


WaFoo members made a killing Osechi. All the members had been preparing Osechi since the night before which was the new year's eve. I, the proud member of WaFoo, also played a very important role in the process of making Osechi which my professional skill was needed. Oh, washing dishes was so tiresome.
The dish I enjoyed the most was the cabbage rolls which I dreamed about. (If you want to know what happened to my cabbage rolls last year, click here.



We just ate, drank, talked loud and laugh a lot till 2am. That was one fun party. (If you want to check out more pics, click here)

A happy new year to everyone. Wishing all of you a good health and a good fortune.

Illustrations: Little House

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