I went to the Japanese apparel and household store called Muji today. The company is emphasizing on minimalism, recycling and low price. There is something I had to buy immediately; that was a bed cover. I am using the bed cover which was there already when I moved. Unfortunately the one who lived before me was a young Japanese girl and it looks like the girl's taste in color was a little different from this 35-years-old middle aged Japanese man. I have lived as a straight arrow for 35 years and I think I deserve the bed cover which is not in the color of bright shocking red. I visited the shop which was located in the New York Times Building close to Times Square.





The first impression.


It was so bloody steep. The bed cover was 120 bucks which was 3-4 times more than usual. I guess they have totally different selling concept from what they have in Japan. The shop is on one of the busiest area in the Big Apple so I understand they had to tag the goods at the higher prices, but if I knew it I would not have come to the shop. I saw the exact same thing happened when Daimaru the Japanese department store opened in Melbourne. Of course, nobody went there to shop.

Well, but I still think what they sell have pretty good quality and has unique and simple designs. I also like their no-dyeing concept. I think if they do everything right, the shop will be the next Ikea.

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