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 WaFooから岳史さん、一雄さん、ゆうきちゃんの3人がWaFoo Chamber Groupと称してスタッテン島にあるTuttorisoというオーガニック・フードのレストランで毎週土曜にギグをしています。この日はこの後にWaFooでリハーサルがあったので、私もついでに参加させてもらう事になりました。だいたいはWaFooの曲を演奏したのですが、ジャズ・スタンダードもやりました。いつものメンバーで、いつもと違う曲を演奏できたのは楽しかったです。

Kazuo, Takeshi and Yuuki formed a spin-off band from WaFoo, which is named WaFoo Chamber Group. WaFoo was going to have a rehearsal afterwards and I had nothing to do, so I participated in the gig just for the heck of it. We played not only WaFoo's original tunes but also some jazz standards. That was fun to play, with the usual members, not so usual tunes we always play.

I used the ferry to go to the Staten Island and it was blood-freezing cold. Plus the hyper strong wind. If a British kid opened up an umbrella, he could become Merry Poppins and float back to London. If he is lucky, he will make it by the next Olympic.


The first look of the Statue of Liberty in 2009. I took this photo on the deck of the Staten Island Ferry. The wind was even stronger because the ship was moving against the wind and temperature was lower because we were on the bloody water. Basically it was like a bad day in Alaska. The faces of all the tourist taking photo of the Statue of Liberty were frozen. Almost a scene in some zombie movies.

36 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, New York 10301

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