Little Rest


We finished setting up and checking the equipments. Till the concert, we came to a Korean/Japanese restaurant nearby to finally have a rest. This little rest was golden for me because I had been working for literary two days straight, and Kazuo must have been tired too because he brought in the band's equipments by himself and did another gig with Yuuki in the morning before he came to the church.

The Bi Bim Bop I ordered was unexpectedly huge! I was so happy.


Yutaka ordered Oyakodon (Chicken Rice Bowl) but they brought Chicken Katsudon (Chicken-cutlet Rice Bowl). Well, maybe this rice bowl is called Oyakodon in Korea. Hey Yutaka, it's your responsibility to finish it all.


Kazuo ordered a plate of sushi and we didn't know why but they put shrimp on wasabi! It would have been so funny if Kazuo ate it without known.

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