Bolt Bus - 2nd try


I got to South Station bus terminal a little after 11am and just missed 11-o'clock Chinatown bus and the next one was scheduled on 12pm. Bolt Bus, however, had one leaving at 11:30am. I had quite a nightmare with Bolt Bus but I did not want to waste time so I gave it a shot just one more time. Well, I could wait inside of the terminal so I knew that I did not have to freeze my butt off this time.


To be honest, there were pros and cons. The cons were, as I wrote on three entries before, you sometimes have to wait for painfully long time for the bus no matter how severe the weather would be. The pros: you can use your laptop while you travel, which is the big selling point of the company. (By the way, if you want to use your laptop, you should take the seat on first seven rows on the front. The outlets are only on those rows). Just to let you know that the Wi-Fi is so weak. You can still use the internet but the connection is slow and unstable. Nonetheless, being able to work for four hours instead of doing nothing is priceless. I would be satisfied if the buses come as scheduled. This is just my personal expectation but the rival companies, like Chinatown bus of Greyhound, will be equipped with Wi-Fi soon and Bolt Bus will be pushed away from the market if they won't do something about better scheduling on their buses.

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