Curry with Cabbage and Minced Meat


This is the most popular traditional dish in Japan, curry with cabbage and minced meat. Haven't you heard about it? Well, neither have I. I started cooking stuffed cabbage rolls and accidentally ended up with what you see.


I was going to make the cabbage rolls for the first time in my life but I forgot to buy eggs. Also I realized after the grocery shopping that it would take too many steps to make them so I decided to cut everything and throw everything into my 2-gallon sauce pan and make s stew out of it somehow. I am a lazy single man who eats anything, you know. Then I re-realized I was short on soup cubes. Change of plan again, I put curry paste and made a big pot of curry with cabbage and minced meat. Basically whatever ingredients you put in the curry, it will taste good, but for this one, the taste was a little strange.



I had a feeling the minced meat was a bit old, and after I ate, my stomach told me that WAS old. I was in trouble which I won't go detail of it. I had to kiss my 2 gallons of curry good-bye tearfully.

Why is this happening to me. I just wanted to eat cabbage rolls..... What the heck is curry with cabbage and minced meat.....

Illustration: Emperor Penguin Empire

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