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I just came to know that 25th of Nov., which is only a few days ago, was the 28th anniversary of the death of Yukio Mishima, one of the greatest Japanese authors in the history. Setting aside his super-right patriotic thoughts and his personality, he is one of two Japanese authors I admire the most; the other one is Soseki Natsume. Recently I read his work "Kinkaku-ji (The Temple of the Golden Pavilion)" again after a long time. I was caught by his own unique style of writing. I read the same page which I liked over and over.

 その三島由紀夫なんですが、今日、意外な事を発見しました。私、このブログでも書いた通り、ミクシィなどのソーシャル・ネットワークに最近いろいろと登録をし始めたのですが、皆さんはロシア語圏のV-Kontakteというのは聞いた事があるでしょうか。ロシア語圏では最大のSNSなんですが、はっきり言ってロシアに住む若い奴らばかりしか登録していないので、こんなオッサンで登録していることすらちょっと恥ずかしいのですが、いずれはもっと上の世代と世界中のロシア語を話せる人たちにまで波及するのは時間の問題だと思い、今からけっこう積極的に頑張っています。(なぜ私のような日本人が、遠いロシアのSNSにそんなに積極的になっているのかって?それは言っても恥ずかしくない段階にきてから答えることにいたしましょう。ほっほっほ)。そのサイトにはお決まりですが、自分の好きな本を書く欄があるのですが、そこに三島由紀夫(Юкио Мисима)を挙げているロシアの若人たちが今現在なんと964人もいます。この数は驚嘆に値しますよ。日本人として、そして同じ三島ファンとして嬉しい限りです。でも、なんでそんなにロシアの若い人に三島由紀夫が人気なのでしょうか。ちなみに私が好きなもう1人の作家である夏目漱石を挙げた人は、私一人だけでした。まあ、ロシアの若者が明治の日本人作家を知らないのは、むしろ当然でしょう。

 同じ事をこのblogger.com内(会員数はV-Kontakteとは桁違い)で検索したのですが、結果は343人でした。ま、これがノーマルな結果でしょう。うーむ、このロシア語圏の三島人気はやっぱり異常ですね。原因は一体なんなのでしょうか。 絶対に理由があるのでしょうが、それが何かを知りたいです。

I found out something interesting about Yukio Mishima today. As I wrote on my blog, I have been joining a number of social networking services and V-Kontakte, the biggest Russian SNS, is one of them. Well, the majority of the site users are college kids or even high school kids in Russia, so this beaten-up 34-year-old man is a bit embarrassed just by putting my picture on it, but I joined anyway because I think it is as matter of time to spread out to the higher age groups and to the Russian speakers all over the world. (Why did I, a Japanese man, join Russian SNS? I will tell you once I get to the point that I won't be ashamed if I tell you guys the reason. Ha-ha, wait for it). There is, as usual, the section where you write your favorite books and surprisingly 964 people listed Yukio Mishima (Юкио Мисима) as one of their favorite authors. First of all, it really amazed me that the Russian young people even know the name of Yukio Mishima, and so many people are fun of his work?! As a Japanese and as a fellow Mishima fun, I am so glad to know his works are so popular in Russia. By the way I searched for Soseki Natsume who is the other favorite auther of mine but nobody knows about him. Well, I understand this is normal.

I did the same search on Mishima on this blogger.com which has much larger and wider variety of people using the site. The result was only 343 people who know Mishima, and again, this is normal. There must be a reason why Mishima is so popular. I would like to find out why.

Illustration: Atnet Japan

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