I finally caught up


I have been late on updating my blog for last three month but today I finally caught up! Oh yeah, I feel so bloody groovy! I got into a trouble three months ago and was force to stop my blog for a month. When I reignited the blog, I could have skipped a month and start from the new day-one, but instead, I back-wrote the entries for that one month. My purpose of keeping the blog was to remember the beautiful sights I see at the gigs, and also I was hoping someday some of my long lost friends were going to find out my blog and drop me a line. I, however, was going to be surprised by the unexpected effect of the blog. There was the beautiful views captured in the pictures, the lesson I learnt and the kindness from my friends in there. I could read my life between the lines. I was not only just surprised but was pleased like a kid with it. There were, of course, a lot of things I had to reflect as well but those are the memories which used to be long gone without me feeling pleased or reflected.


Because of that experience, I could not just throw away one month of the record of my life. That was why I back-wrote the entire entries even though I knew that was going to take really long time to finish. That might look stupid. Well, I think blog or diary is really self-oriented thing by nature from the start. This is my hobby, and more importantly, my therapy. All human being can not survive without doing anything they like. I love music and writing.

Illustration: Panda World

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