Bolt Bus


I was going to do a recording session on the day after in Boston so I used the coach called Bolt Bus which I have never used before. The selling point of the bus is the built-in Wi-fi which means I can use internet while I'm on the bus and do some work on my laptop. I had a high expectation for this bus.

I took subway to the the coach stop which was on the corner of 34th Street, where the Penn Station is. It was so bloody cold, was the day of a mid-winter weather and a freezing wind and a piercing wind and all kinds of disturbing winds ware blowing right at me from every which way. What was worse, the bus did not come for bloody long time.


One hour later --- that was right about my face was completely frozen --- the bolt bus appeared from the corner. Maybe 30 of frozen faces rushed to the door but the driver did not let these nice people in. Well, these nice people happened to look like some kind of an angry mob in a riot (with a good reason). We were so ready to flip the bus over just for the heck of it.


One hour and fifteen minutes later, we finally could get on to the bus. I could not care less about the internet at that point. I was thinking "just get us to Boston quick."

The conclusion: I should have chosen one of the Chinatown buses if I knew I had to wait for such a long time in the extreme temperature. I was so not ready for that.

Illustration: Microsoft Office Clip arts

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