International String Trio @ Mohonk Mountain House


After four hours of long drive from Boston, we arrived at Mohonk Mountain House. We have a wedding gig at the lakeside hotel. Besides all, the place was extremely foggy, and as we were closing by, the fog was thickened more and more. The time was only 4 o'clock in the afternoon but it was dark and I could not believe the sun was still up.

The mountain house is actually the high-class mountain resort so the interior design is exceptionally luxurious.

The mountain house and the natural surroundings were covered with a dense fog. I could take lots of illusory photos. Slava, who grew up in Russia, said "it's like somewhere in Asia" after he saw the building and the atmosphere. Contrary I the Japanese thought it was European atmosphere. Well, I think we both were feeling foreign air about the place with a thick fog.

The fog was lifted at night. I took this photo at the mountain house but I was terribly exhausted after four hours of drive and four hours of playing. Slava said to me with the spiritless face that I looked like the ghost which was possessing in this place and haunting people. I was ordered to retake the photo. The retaken photo is on the below.

Fake pep

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