Yutaka's souvenir from Japan


My great good friend, Yutaka, came back to the Big Apple from the three-week-long Japan tour. I organized the welcome-back party for my great good friend and four of the members of WaFoo gathered once again. I just want to mention that our sole purpose of calling for this gathering was to welcome my good friend Yutaka but not for Yutaka's souvenir, which was a great Japanese-style confectionery. Three of us were waiting at home then the confectionery, no, my great good friend Yutaka came in.

These are the souvenirs which was more warmly welcomed than himself: pickled squid and marinated seaweed. Pickled squid may sound disgusting to many of you but it is very traditional and popular Japanese food. Especially this pickled squid was so deeeelish! Yutaka, good job.

....and the confectionery: "Enshin" the Japanese bean-jam bun. That was great. To us Japanese who live in overseas, the taste of the buns were of real Japanese confectionery. Yutaka, as always, your choice is just impeccable.

I forgot to take the photo of wonderful cream stew Yuuki made. We grilled some meat and ate with the stew. That was also so good.

It is the home-grown siitake mushroom which we suspected that might be a highly poisonous toadstool until the last second. Three men were saying unmanly to each other "you eat it," "no, you eat it," then Yuuki, the only woman in the group, grubbed it from the grill and ate it like nothing. She was the man.

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