Maurice's Wedding


Fifteen years ago, Maurice was practicing the guitar in fast tempo at a practice room at the college I just entered. I was passing by the practice room but I was stopped by the technical guitar sound leaking from the room and I stayed there listening for a while. In those days, I was timid and shy even more than now, so I could not talk to the good musician in the room.


Today, my best friend in Australia, Maurice Victor, got married. I was surprised when he broke this great news to me a few months ago and I congratulated him. Now the day had come and I had something else in my mind that I had to say to him. Last night, we talked for one whole hour over phone even though he must have been so busy with the preparation for the wedding. I congratulated him, we talked how things are on both sides and one just flew like nothing. So sorry, Moz.

Maurice and I went to the same college in Melbourne as well as in Boston. We were roommates in Boston, were good friends but also we fought a lot. Now I became matured to realize that I was the hot head and the loony to initiate the fights and that is one of my hundreds of regrets. This extremely patient guy, however, did not brake off his friendship with me. I had been thinking of that from time to time and before I hung up the phone, it slipped out. I said "Sorry for everything I did in Boston." There is the right timing to apologize for serious stuff. Apologizing for all the major blunders in the past to the gloom on the day before his happiest day cannot be on the right timing. As I wrote, it slipped out. He laughed and said "Leave the young mistakes in the past," and he hung up the phone. I was being an uncaring idiot, but I was a bit relieved by his word.


Fifteen years ago, I could not speak to Maurice but we played in the same student band soon after and found kindred spirits. We had played and practiced in and out of the college, then we both came to Boston to study further. Not only for music, he was also my emotional mainstay in Boston. I am really glad that my kindest friend found the person whom he wanted to be with all his life. Maurice, congratulations mate!!

Illustration: プリントわんパグ

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