Back to the Big Apple


The Independence Day gig was finally over, and the time was a little after midnight when we came back to the wharf. We were afraid a bit because the parking area would be closed at 1am but we had to play till 11:30pm. Well we could come back before it closed. All three of us were exhausted and the band leader, George Farrell, actually offered us shelter but unfortunately Enrique had a gig in the morning of the next day. We hit the road about 1am and Enrique on the passenger's seat was out in a half an hour. On the driver's seat, I was fighting off the sandman by putting the volume way up on the headphone and listening to Avant-gaurde jazz.


I dropped Enrique at his place in Bronx and came back to home around 5:30am. Home sweet home after 18 hours of absence. George called me in the evening just to check in if, first, we were alive, and second, we had arrived to New York without missing any parts of our bodies. Thanks for the kindest call, George. We miraculously made it to New York......without missing any parts of our bodies.....and we are alive too.

Illustration: やすらぎ庵

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