Sarina Suno Quartet @ Thailand Cafe

Sarina Suno (Violin)

That was the first gig in three weeks with Sarina and Hara. I did not realize until I wrote this entry that that much time had passed. They have polished the arrangements of the tunes in this three weeks. Sarina and Hara like to play fast like the musicians in the dawn of the Be-Bop era, but both of them changed the direction a bit and slowed the tempo down. Splendid. You might think the slower, the easier, but it's not always so. The slower the tempo is, the more details and small mistakes can be heard, which means only the skillful musicians can play the slow tunes beautifully. Both Sarina and Hara are very fine technical players from the first place and they are adding something more to it. It's scary that they just keep getting better and better.
Hara Garacci (Guitar)

Nick Falk (Drums)

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