Gibraltar low conga stand



Hello this is Ippei Ichimaru here. I'm the bassist who is only practicing on conga and cajon lately. A few years back, I bought three LP congas but two of them are still in the storage. (yeah, yeah, I'll take them out some day). I have been practicing just on one conga. FYI, the sound of conga gets much better if you float the conga from the ground a few inches, because the low tone comes out much more. To achieve this, the players tilts the conga with their knees or put the conga on their shoes, but it's tough to practice that way for a long time. So, I bought this Gibraltar low conga stand and it stays on the best position without doing anything. I was worried about its stability but it's totally fine. The only con I find is that, like all other basket-type conga stands, it does not get as compact as the cymbal-stand type and this stand is no easier to carry around than other bigger basket-types.

Well, overall, I'm quite happy with the stand.

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