With a little help from my friends




I came back to the Big Apple after five days of absence. What a catastrophe that was. As soon as I lost my car, all the hell broke loose. I have never wasted this much time like I did in last five days in recent years. I don't know where to start telling you about.

"Tell us only the good things."

My roommates, Nori & Tomoko, said so before I was going to give an account of my ordeals on this trip in the dining room. All right, I'll tell you guys only the good things. Although it was quite a traumatic experience, the whole trip made me realize that I was not living alone, made me think how lucky I was to have so many wonderful friends.


My car broke down after the gig on Friday and the time was well past midnight. I really did not know what to do but Slava and Anna kindly put me up in their place even though the time was around 2am. On the next day, the band leader, Jeff Nottonson, told me just to bring the bass and he picked me up at a train station and let me use one of his amps. On the day next, my friend, Irina Chirkova, was kind enough to let me use her precious cello for the gig and the band mate, Joe Kessler, drove me all the way to Newport. My friend, Miki Matsuki, gave me so much advices and Slava and Anna put me up in their home for five days. All of them helped me a lot. I really don't know how to thank them.


This world of music is not only a flamboyant world, neither easy nor fair. Fake consciences are in everywhere. The older you get, the darker shadow you will see, and the more you love music, the more burdens the shadow bombs on your mind. This burden, however, disappears sometime. That's when I felt a true conscience from friends. In this trip, I was helped by my friends again and again. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I experienced lots of true consciences in this journey. My friends, THANK YOU!!

Illustration: 使えるフリーイラスト展

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