International String Trio in Greenwich, CT



Today's gig was the wedding at a mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, which is very rich residential area and the wealthiest town in Connecticut. The mansion we played at was also a huge and gorgeous place. The owner is an analyst who works on the Wall Street. He is not much older than me and living in 180 degrees opposite life from mine. He graduated from MIT and has walked on the path of the elites. On the other hand, I have always been dart poor but at the same time I have been putting my utmost effort to master the profound artistry of music and devoted myself to the cultivation of my art ever since my childhood. Oops, made a mistake. I have never neither put effort nor devoted on anything. I was reading comic books and playing the Nintendo. Oh well, I should have studied and done homeworks, but doesn't my life have a bit more freedom?

It's just like the howling of a defeated dog to say anything in front of this beautiful mansion. I just walked off dragging my tail between my legs.

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