Joe's Manu Katche Junior Kit


Many of the musicians in New York use public transportation, so we are in need of smaller and lighter equipments. I, too, am hunting for a light bass amp at the moment. Thanks to the advance of technology, more and more light but yet powerful amps are coming on the market. The drumsets, however, there is not much you can do to make them light or small except reducing the number of the drums on the set.


To make the drumset smaller, Joe whom I met today turned his drumset into a set of Russian Matryoshka dolls. This way he can stack up his drums one inside the other. Actually this kind of Matryoshka-type of portable drumsets exist, however, he must have had to saw his own beautiful drumset. I'm not saying like "he is sawing on a violin." He literally sawed off his drums in half!! Wow, he has a lot of balls to do this.

Can you see the hinge-like locks on the middle of the drums? The drums open up in there and he can put smaller drums in there.

Nori's drumset. It hasn't been converted. Maybe not just yet.....

Illustration: Smile Line

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