Two bassists in the house?



Something weird is happening at my place. Both my roommate Nori and I are professional bassists. Nori, however, has been absorbed in the new drum set he bought a few weeks ago. On the other hand, I'm on the percussion all the time and have been concentrating on time-keeping because I am so sick of my own disgustingly screwed time feel. So strange thing is that even though there are two bassists in the house, the only sound coming out from here is Yuichi crying and bunch of drumming and occasional frustrating Japanese bad words from my room in spite of myself. Nori asked me if I was going to quit playing the bass and starting gigging on percussion. Right back at you the exact same question, Nori.

Oops, it is time to go back to practice. Today, I'll practice soloing on the left hand on bongos and congas while playing a shaker on the right hand and a wood block on the right foot. Well, it doesn't sound like the practice schedule for a bassist, does it?

Illustration: SHIZUHARA WORLD, やすらぎ庵

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