George Farrell Trio on Charles River, Boston


I took a lot of good photos so I changed the style of my blog a bit just for this entry and it is going to be like a picture diary.

Today's gig was the 4th of July party on a passenger boat on the Charles River. We all had to take a small boat to embark on the big boat. I saw the buildings of Boston behind the Longfellow Bridge on the way. The skyscraper you see is the Prudential Tower which is the second tallest building in Boston.

I have never known nor never seen there were sculptures on the piers of the Longfellow Bridge. It is representing Viking ships, so I've read on the web.

Beyond the Longfellow Bridge, small boats and yachts were in everywhere and people were partying on every boat. There was a large crowd of people on the river bank as well, partying also.

This is the Lexington, the small double-deck passenger boat which takes 150 passengers.

Musicians on board. We were rehearsing before the party guests arrive. There are two other bigger cruise ships in Boston called "Spirit of Boston" and "Odyssey," which take about 600 passengers, and we found out each of us was working on those ships in different times.

Trying to shoot a commemorative pic. Having a trouble with the delay timer.

When we were struggling with the timer, the captain of the ship came along and took the picture for us.

The buildings in Boston and the face of the Charles River were dyed in red by the setting sun. The fireworks were about to start.


The magnificent fireworks. Not only that I have not watched fireworks in Boston for a long time, but also I could watch everything on a spacious luxury boat on the Charles River. The only thing was that it looked like there was no wind in the sky so all the smoke coming out of the fireworks stays there, became like a smoke screen and I could not watch all of the beautiful fireworks. Nonetheless, I usually go to the river bank or the bridges for the fireworks and a small guy like me has to watch between the heads of the people standing in front of me, so being able to watch it on a boat is priceless and I enjoyed today's fireworks the most in my life. The variations of colors and their complicated shapes of fireworks were amazing and the last sequence of shooting off was just superb.

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