Seafood curry




I made seafood curry today. The curry cost me about twice as much as the usual beef or chicken curry. Well, the taste is ...... not that great. I checked the recipe on the Net and I skipped one step on purpose because, the artist-type as I am, I did not want to do the same as ordinary people. Not that I was too lazy. I had to soak the seafood in white wine and get rid of the fishy smell but I skipped this process. Again, not that I was too lazy to go and buy a bottle of white wine for this.

Then as a result, ...... oh jeez, it smells so fishy. Curry has a lot of spices already and the smell and taste is really strong but the fishy smell pushes it away. What a self-assertive smell! And also, I shouldn't have skipped the crucial step! I shouldn't have been so lazy.

Well, I'm done with the seafood curry for a while. I'll just make normal regular curry from now on. What? Artist-type? What are you talking about?

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