Session @ Enrique's


We had a session at Enrique's in the Bronx. I came here after three days of absence. Yes I drove him all the way to Boston from here and all the way from Boston to here 3 days ago. Lest we forget, I did not take any rest in that 18 hours of hell. Oh yes, he should thank me and I won't let him forget entire of his life.

Anyway we had a session with the pianist, Kyoko Oyobe, who played with us a couple of weeks ago as well. It was a jazz session and I had much hard time to play the tunes in the certain keys. I have been practicing on percussion and have been putting too much emphasis on practicing the groove but not the harmony. Oh well, I used to be able to play in what-so-called hard keys like nothing when I was playing in theaters. Finding my own weakness is one of the important purpose of doing a session. I'll practice this part as well. Oh God, I just have so much to do!

Ippei on ipe. The name of the wood of the deck is ipe.

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