Independence Day 2008

The Independence Day Cake. It was the Patriot's Day cake a few months ago.

It is the Independence Day in the States. It is also my 13th anniversary of immigrating to America. Well, strictly speaking, my flight arrived in New York on the night of July 3rd but I arrived in Boston, which was the last destination, on the morning of July 4th, so July 4th it is. Anyhow Enrique and I drove all the way down from New York City to Boston for a gig today. We left NYC early because we were expecting some holiday traffic but we did not hit any and arrive two hours early for the gig. We went to Guitar Center and killed time in there. All the music shops and CD shops are like Toys'R'Us for me so I was fighting not to buy anything.
Enrique and I bumped into our old friend and great drummer, Jorge Perez at the parking area of Guitar Center. We used to play sessions a lot and went to a tour as well. Oh what a wonderful coincidence!

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