Sarina Suno Quartet in Washington Square Park


Busking in Washington Square. We had not come to the park for almost two months since June 2nd. It had been just too hot to play outside and also Sarina & Hara were extremely busy, hence the two months of absence. We had the perfect weather to play today; the sun was shining and it wasn't so hot.
There were substantially less people walking by in the park today, so we were worried a bit before we start. In the end, many people stopped walking right in front of us once we started playing and we had pretty good clouds all the time. The greatest advantage to do street performance is that there is alway somebody who listen to us whenever we feel like playing. Playing what you love the most whenever you like. I think this is the best mindset for musicians. That was a good performance.

Sarina & Hara brought "Melonpan" which, I think, is the second most popular sweet bakery product in Japan only next to "Anpan." I haven't had this for a long long time.

Hara Garacci (Guitar) &
Nick Falk (Drums)

Sarina Suno (Violin)

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