Sarina Suno Quartet in Greenwich, CT


I came back to Greenwich, Connecticut today with Sarina & Hara's band, where I played the wedding gig a couple of weeks ago. Well, I have seen all kinds of mansions in Boston however this is exceptional. Maybe the mansions I had seen was the millionaire-class and the one I saw today was the billionaire-class. There are two buildings, the main house and the guest house, on the vast estate facing a beautiful lake. I parked my car by the guest house and took me more than three minutes to walk back to the main house. In between those houses, tons of luxury cars of the guests were parked. The cars were not just ordinary luxury cars; they were all flagship models like Mercedes S-class, BMW 7 series, etc. The indoor swimming pool was like a set of a Hollywood movie and there was an expensive-looking stone sculpture of deer.



What have I seen just now? It is just so different world and I cannot find anything to compare with. In Japan, there is a saying, The underdog howling from afar, meaning even if the losers say anything, it always sounds like just howling or yelping from afar. Well, I don't even know what to howl about. I can't express this extraordinariness of what I've seen. As different as chalk from cheese. no, more than that. In Japan, we say "as different as moon and turtle." It's more accurate in this case.

After I strayed in this different dimension, I went back to my rabbit-hutch apartment.

Sound checking

Having a rest between the sets.

Sarina Suno (Violin)
Hara Garacci (Guitar)
Marko Djordjevic (Drums)

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