WaFoo rehearsal

On the evening after the stormy day, I had a rehearsal with the Japanese band "WaFoo." It has been a while since we had our last rehearsal. I personally was psyched to get back on the band rehearsals because I think I got a lot better as a percussionist and knew that I was going to blow the band mates away with my new skills. Ha-ha.
I was going to kick everyone's butt and ready to bust out, however I was forgetting something very important. I am the lowest piece of the totem pole in this band and I have to play whatever they need me to play like percussion, cello, shamisen etc. I played the cello on more than half of the tunes today and couldn't really show off my brilliant percussion chops. Oh well, percussion is great but I have so much more I have to do. Oh I need love.... Or I need somebody whom I can kick butts...

We all went to a steak house after the gig.

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