Sarina Suno Quartet in Washington Square Park


We are finally getting some summery hot sun. The year 2008 is half over and the second half of the game has begun. To me, around this time is the unavoidable hay-fever season and I have to keep taking Claritin-D everyday in March and June.


The Monday today is not only the beginning of the week but also the beginning of the month. Four of us, Sarina, Hara, David & me, came to Washington Square Park to play good music. Lots of people were in the park having lunch, having a siesta in between their jobs or classes and enjoying the sunlight.

The bronze statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the genius Italian strategist. We were going to play in front of it but the park ranger who is always there told us to move and find different spot. Oh well.


It was another enjoyable performance. David's "Dish percussion" was great also. Today we didn't play at the usual north-east corner but a little south of it. There are a lot of benches at the spot and we were right in front of a lawn so people were listening to us sitting down on the benches or laying on the lawn without haste.

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