Moeyo Ken (Sword, Burn, 1964)


I finished reading "Moeyo Ken" by Ryotaro Shiba. I just love those books about samurai and bushido and that sort of thing. I use trains more than car for the tranportation.

 大変に良い作品でした。田舎の喧嘩好きの不良少年が新撰組という幕末には例を見ないほどの厳格な組織を作り上げ、そして幕府軍に付いて戦い続けて、ついに函館戦争で戦死するまでの話です。 終盤では、もう敗戦はほぼ決定している状況でも、土方は自分の道を貫き通します。そして、翌日には死ぬ運命にある土方が恋人に一言『やったよ』と言います。これはたとえ35年という短い人生であったとしても、人生を生ききったよ、という意味でした。

This is a great book. The story is about an actual person in Bakumatsu era, which is the final years of the long Samurai period, the time of chaos right before Japan was quickly modernized. A country-bred hoodlum named Toshizo Hijikata formed the old-style strict samurai group, which was going to be recorded in Japan's history, called Shinsen-gumi. This is the story of how and why he formed this organization, how fought and how he lived through the

On the day before the last day of his life, he says to his wife "I did it." What he meant was that he had lived his life in full.


I finished reading this book while I was in a train. For the first time in a long time, I almost cried in a train. The same thing happened seventeen years ago when I finished reading A dog of Flanders in a train on the way to my high school.

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