Sarina Suno Quartet @ Thailand Cafe




It's the usual joyful enjoyable gig at Thailand Cafe today. It was starting at 8pm so I left home with my bass and an amp to give me enough time to arrive there by 7:30pm. The time was a little after 7. I was on a subway which was passing Manhattan Bridge, and was looking at the scenery of Manhattan over the East River from a train window. The cell phone of this middle-aged Asian man, who was hugging the bass and looking at the outside of the window vacantly, rang. It was from Hara the guitarist.

"Hey, where are you at?"
"I'm right on Manhattan Bridge."
"Bro, I forgot to tell you but the gig was starting at 7 o'clock."

WHAAAAAAAT!! This middle-aged Asian man almost screamed Japanese dirty swearwords in the public mass transit and almost made innocent American people in the train hear that. American people, I'm so sorry.
Brother, don't you tell me the gig was suppose to start at 7pm on 7:10pm!

Sarina Suno (violin)
& Hara Garacci (Guitar)


I got there about 7:40, set up in about 76 seconds or so and jumped right in in the middle of their third tune. I didn't do anything wrong but looked like I was really late for the job. Aaaahhh, I almost climbed to the top turnbuckle and gave Hara a Diving headbutt.
Me & Rohin Khemani (Drums)


We had some notable guests from japan in the audience today: Makoto Kimata (producer), Hideto Okuda (Big band leader from BlueSky Entertainment) and Doremi (percussionist). Also my old acquaintance, Hanayo Takai (photographer), came to catch our show. Thank you all for coming and please come again any time.

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