Yamaha Manu Katche Model



I was waken up by the drumming sound that my roommate Nori tuning a drum set in the next room. We do not have a drum set. Nori is doing a bit of recording as his side business so I hear the sounds of a lot of different instruments, but It was too early in the morning for recording; it was only 9am which is still middle of the night for musicians. So why am I hearing the drum from the next room. There was only one conclusion to this mystery.

"Nori, have you bought a drum set!?"


I saw a shining Yamaha Manu Katche Model right there. Nori said "Th-th-this is the birthday present for Yuichi." Is that right? His son Yuichi's first birthday is still a month away. This kit is for himself. I checked it out on Yamaha's web site. This kit is developed under the concept of "making the real drum set which is compact enough so that even children can play." Well, so maybe maybe it was not 100% lie when Nori told me the kit was for Yuichi.



Even though it is a junior kit, it is clearly way too big for Yuichi and I think he has to wait at least 4-5 years. After all, this kit is for himself.

Let me use it too.

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