Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull




I just watched "Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." I enjoyed a lot. There were quite mixed reviews everywhere and the negative comment I saw the most was "everything is too predictable." Well, for the long-time fans like myself, those predictabilities are the one of the most enjoyable part of the movie and also the reason why the fans love Indy Jones so much. It's same as 007, Die Hard, Pirates of Caribbean, etc. You can guess what's Bond or McClane or Jack Sparrow would say or what kind of trouble they got into, you know what they love and what they hate, what kind of luck they have, what kind of screwed-up thoughts they have, and so on. I think Indy in this movie is around 60 years old and he was portrayed very well. The movie was really entertaining.

I want to mention one thing though. The music director was John Williams as always, but I noticed that a lot of tunes in the movie, especially the title tune, were not tight enough. Is there a reason for it?

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