Yutaka's birthday


I have an old friend named Yutaka and today is his birthday. I have known this guy for twelve years since we were in the music college. He has got a lot of stories when he was in the college but I'll skip it for old time sake. Hey it's his birthday. Let's not ruin it.

This guy has 180-degree opposite character from mine. I am so loose and he is so square. He says the things like "The tempo is not 92, it's 96." Yo, the tempo between 60 and 100 is all same! Speaking of which, tuning in 440 or 450 is same too!

All boozed up.



Well, his friends thought he must have been sad and lonely on his birthday so let's throw a party for him. Five of us went to a Japanese restaurant. Five people in the birthday party, eh? That's five time more than I had on my birthday. I was on the middle of a tour in somewhere in New England on my birthday. It was blood-freezing cold and snowing really hard. I was alone in a service area. Oh, it did spell out "sad and lonely." The friends that he had I sought in vain. Yes, you can cry for me.
Two middle-aged men as thick as thieves. Both together, 69 years old.

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