Kakuni, the Okinawan boiled pork dish


I came back to New York in the gray dawn. Oh boy, I was wiped again. Well the busy season had just begun. I'll keep up with it. I saw my roommate Nori came back from his tour too. My four-day long mini tour is nothing compare to what he has. He will be on different tours on almost all the time in this Summer.


Thanks to the low pressure system right by the east coast, New York is cool and in very nice temperature. Well, I guess the broiling hot season is coming up after this low pressure system is gone, so I thought it was a good idea to eat something good now before I loose appetite. I just cooked seven pounds of Kakuni, an Okinawan boiled pork dish.

It has not finished just yet. I have to wait till it cools down and scoop off the fat. I think it looks good so far.


That was delicious. I'll finish all seven pounds in this week. I'm on diet but let's forget about it just for this week. Ha-ha.


Tomoko came back from the work in the evening. It's been a long since I saw all personel in this appartment.

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