Sarina & Hara @ Thailand Cafe


The usual --- Sarina & Hara's band at Thailand Cafe. I had not seen them for only a week but I feel like It was longer than that. We were meeting at least once in a few days before so one week seems long. Sarina frequents a tanning salon lately. Her skin gets darker and darker every time I see her, and now she looks like a Latina. That tan looks really good on you, Sarina!


Marko Djordjevic played drums with us today. This is the second time I play with him since May 14th. I don't want to sound snobbish but a professional musician can tell the level of professionality of other players by the beat s/he is playing. He is well experienced musician who has been on lots of stages with lots of different bands. A great drummer. On the contrary, I played the beats of an amateur today. I'll fix it by next time.

Peace to the world

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