Maurice Victor



He is five years and 364 days older than me, whom I hesitated to talk to because he was so good at playing the guitar in the junior college in Melbourne, the kindest guy unlike other good players and always kindly waited till the time of rehearsal even if it was pushed back quite a bit, an easygoing bloke who answers "no drama" to almost everything, practiced together for two years, accidentally joined a Chinese rock band two of us together, graduated from the junior college, threw a surprise good-bye party for me, saw me off to America, came to America one year later from me, went to the same music college in Boston, lived together as a roommate for a year, loves cats, loves cooking, loves tea, even loves Vegemite which is pretty much only bad food in Australia, helped me a countless times when I was having lousy days, went to Texas and I went to New York after the graduation. Now he is back in Australia having a happy life in there.

Maurice Victor is my bestest mate in Australia. I don't know how many times I was saved by his cheerfulness. Today he dropped a line via email and said "I'm getting married!" Wow, that's the greatest news, matey. Congratulations Mauricie!! Be well and be happy. You are a good man. You deserve and I want you to have the best and the happiest life.

Illustration: Southern Cross Cafe

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