Boston Common


My car is in garage and I cannot get it back till tomorrow, so I decided to do some sightseeing in Boston. I came to Boston Common which is the oldest city park in the US. When I was still living in Boston, I walked by or walked through this park a lot. I have not been here for a long time so it feels much different. I almost always came to Boston Common just for gigs, so I have almost never came here for a walk. No wonder it feels different.


The view from this park recalls me old memories. I used to walked to everywhere to the gigs and to the rehearsals. Boston Common is located right by the downtown Boston so I walked through this park often. This is such a beautiful park but the things I remember are like "I had a weekly gig on that hotel on the South. I have been to that college radio station several times for the live recording. Wow, I remember the church on the West, where I played my pianist friend's concert at." etc. All about the jobs I did. I had lived in Boston for ten years but, sadly, I know so little of it. "The poor have no leisure" but if I think back, I should have enjoyed my youth a little more. I guess it is never too late. I will enlarge my experience in Boston.

This is the Frog Pond. It's just a huge playground with shallow water for kids. When I was still in the college, they used to install a temporary stage on the pond and we music students play on that. It was so steamy on the stage because we were basically right on the top of the shallow water pool and the water in it was evaporating like crazy. I wonder if they still do the same concert series in the Frog Pond.

The statue of George Washington the first President of US.

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