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Have you guys ever heard of Klaus Nomi? He was a German singer who passed away by AIDS in 1983. He was one of the first gay artists to die of AIDS. I heard the same tune on the video clip on the top, The Cold Song, when I was in a junior high school in Japan and I was immediately enslaved by this sad yet so beautiful song. In those days in 80s, I was listening to the oldies influenced by "Stand by Me" and "American Graffiti," so this tune had a great impact on me. After I heard the song, I thought the singer of the tune must be a Classical alto vocalist because the pitch was so high. I literally searched everywhere that an fifteen-years-old could think of for Klaus Nomi the Classical alto vocalist. Of course, I could not find her in anywhere. Then a few years had passed and I was in a music college in Australia. That was where I finally saw Klaus Nomi on one of David Bowie's music video. I was so shocked. I was like "WHAAAAAT, Klaus Nomi the Classical alto singer I searched for is this weirdo!?" Anyway, my quest was over right there.

I have not known that this tune is the excerpt from the opera "King Arthur" composed by the 17th century English composer, Henry Percell. I thought this tune was Klaus Nomi's original. I have not noticed that the lyrics sung in this tune was in English either. I have lived in English-speaking country for 18 years but I have never realized that. Also I'm ashamed of myself as a long-time Nomi's fan for not knowing his documentary film called "Nomi Song" had been out in 2005. I have to get the DVD.

However he was attired, he sure was a great artist without doubt. You all should check him out.

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