Slava Tolstoy Quintet @ Dartmouth Skiway


I picked up Hadar the vocalist in Manhattan and headed for White Mountains in New Hampshire. That area becomes a huge ski resort in Winter time.

I drove 300 miles, five and a half hours from New York City. I usually drive alone and the longer the distance is, the more painful the trip becomes. Today, I had Hader on side and she kept bringing up interesting subjects to talk with for five and a half hours. I did not feel tired that much because we talked whole way through. I envy her for the communication skill that she has because I am suck at communicating with people and this is the skill which I am totally lacking.

It sure was a ski resort. There was a ski lift.


Last year, we had a gig in the different place in White Mountains and there were only two ways to go up to the top of the mountain; either by a ski lift or by a SUV. Slava and I took SUV and Joe took ski lift. The slope was really steep and SUV was going through narrow path. It was awesome!

Slava Tolstoy Quintet
Sergei Ioannisyan (Drums), Slava Tolstoy (Guitar), Hadar Orshalimy (Vocal)
...and Joe Kessler (Violin & Mandolin)


We played three hours of dance music and people loved our playing. I have not played the gig with only rock music for a while so I enjoyed a lot.

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