Musique Makers @ Longfellow's Wayside Inn


My car broke down last night and I was forced to use public transportation. It is a busy weekend and a very bad timing. Oh well. Today's gig was with my old friend Jeff Nottonson and I took a train to the station nearby his place and he was kind enough to pick me up from there. Thank you very much Jeff and sorry for the trouble. Jeff has a great family with his wife and three children. When we arrived at Jeff's home in Acton, I saw his wife Mary-Jane and not small children for the first time in a long time. Now the children are much bigger and much more mature, playing the electric bass and checking out new TV dramas on YouTube. Oh, God, they make me feel older. I hope they won't be driving when I see them next time.

We had a wedding gig at Wayside Inn which was loved by one of the most important American poet, Henry Longfellow. The place had a great view. Since I live in New York City which is the jungle on machines and steels, I appreciate this kind of pastoral scenery. Sorry but I'm too inexperienced to know any of Longfellow's poem. There are a lot of places closely connected to Longfellow in Boston. I promise to read his poem in the near future.

I could not take too many photos because we had so little time. It really was a charming place with somewhat historic views. This is the kind of the places which make me want to come back and visit again.


Oh boy, I think the person who invented automobile is great. I calculated that I would have spent five hours total for today's if I had a car. Instead, with the public transportation, I spent twelve hours today.

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