International String Trio @ Chatham Bars Inn


I drove six hours from New York City and came to Cape Cod, a summer resort in Massachusetts. The weather has not been great and I had hears there was a major storm in Boston on the day before. It was a threatening sky all along. The rain is the worst enemy for musicians if we are playing outside. Luckily the rain held off for entire ceremony.


By tha way, there are lots of sand fleas on this beach and we were bitten by them constantly. So bloody annoying. Joe the violinist all of a sudden tried to spit out something. I guess one the buggers jumped into his mouth. I was laughing at him but a moment later, I had one jumped right into my nostril! Oh annoying buggers! I come to Cape Cod from ten years ago but I had never had this much problem. Hmm, is it caused by abnormal weather?

We saw a hare

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