Coffee House @ Lynnfield High School


I came to Lynnfield, suburb of Boston. Today's gig was accompanying high school students' recital. It was really amusing to see everyone was doing their best to make the concert fun, and let's not forget to mention, they are good musicians! I think they practiced hard for today's recital. In Japan, there is a saying "any kind of skill in art will help your life." I believe that the art which you spent time while young will let your mind grow for better. I chose to be a musician just because I had so much fun with the garage band I had in a rural town in Australia when I was seventeen. Everyone, keep having fun with music!

Doug Hodgkins (Music Director & Piano)
Roger Hodgkins (Drums)
Doug, Roger and their father at the show. Doug and Roger are about same age as me and their father still come and check out his sons' performance. I am so jealous! This is one heartwarming picture.
Aftermath of the show

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