Enrique Haneine Trio @ Moonstruck


Well, let's forget about whatever happened to my car and enjoy the fun Latin gig with Enrique and George. I just love Latin music. I started playing percussion because I loved Latin music so much. My bass instructor at the college was a Latin bass player and I played Latin & Brazilian music on five out of six tunes at the last concert at the college. Lately I'm soaked with Latin music again. Both Alexei's band in Boston and Enrique's band in New York play Latin music mainly and I practice Latin & Brazilian percussion at home. Well, the kind of guy that I am longed for the Latin gig with great players like Enrique Haneine (Piano) and George Mel (Drums). I gave my 100% from the beginning to the end. That was a fun gig.


Moonstruck is located right by beautiful Wesley Lake. The atmosphere of the restaurant is just excellent and Harold the owner is the nicest guy.

517 Lake Ave.
Asbury Park, NJ
(732) 988-0123

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